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Short Summary

Big AL Studios of Toronto is a full time studio specializing in wedding photography and cinematography. This page is dedicated to our Indiegogo campaign to crowd fund our campaign for this film. Please visit the following link to make your contribution:

Click HERE to be directed to our Indiegogo Campaign for this Film


We started our journey as a team of photographers and cinematographers back in 2009. Over the years our team has evolved as passionate film makers, ready to push our limits beyond a wedding photography/cinematography studio. The above video was shot on our travel trip to NYC recently and is a modest trailer to what our team can achieve as a whole, and with a vision purely to produce a masterpiece.

Over the last few years we have successfully worked our way into filming by creating wedding films, ads for real estate, lawyers, bankers and independent free lance fashion students to propel their careers with stunning visuals.

We have always been passionate about bringing stories of real people to life and for this passion alone, we need your help. We are starting a series of web films targeting travel documentaries, focusing on culture, art, life and stories of people living around us. With stunning visuals in high def, breath taking aerial captures, and telling the stories of people in 3rd world countries, our team is ready to pack our gear and travel down to document lives of people in these countries.

Our first major film is dedicated to “Faces of Havana” like never seen before. Shot in 4K, both on land and in air, we attempt to document the day to day of the Cuban person’s life behind the blanket of the tourism industry. We plan to walk the streets, live the life amongst these people and bring you their story. A riveting story of their lives.

What We Need & What You Get

For us to bring you our vision we would love to get funded based on our preliminary research for what it will cost to film and produce this title. If we do not get the required funding, we will still use the funds collected plus a few of our savings to go down there and bring back what we can. However, if our modest funding goal is achieved, WITH YOUR HELP, we strongly believe that we will bring back nothing but “Awesomeness!”

As perks, we are willing to provide the following based on pledge value:

Travel receipts and cost charts accounting for every penny spent

Black & White stills both in digital and in print from our story boards while filming.

Our Editor’s First Cut

Associate and Producer’s Credits

A Box Set of All of the above in a very personalized packaging from our studio, shipped to you anywhere in the world as a thank you gesture.

The Impact

We want contribute to the independent film making world and allow other film makers to believe in their passion and dreams.

Bring awareness of the challenges the people in these countries face regarding food, water, and even a simple smile of joy.

Make you a part of their realities and your contributions count to the overall sanctity of the human life

Risks & Challenges

We are all just normal people just like you with dreams. Over the years, with our experience and gear combined, we strongly believe that this is the time for us to make a mark. Yet, with financial constraints to go out and produce something like this we need additional financial aid for:

Travel and Lodging (20%)

Various permit costs (20%)

Gear and Luggage transport cost (10%)

Travelling within the country of travel (20%)

Music Licensing costs (production) (10%)

Editors cost (production) (15%)

General Post (production) (5%)

Other Ways You Can Help

And we totally understand if you can’t help financially. Please post this campaign on your social media profiles and share, share, share. We could definitely use some viral word of mouth for our campaign.

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